How many of your products do you buy while Amazon Shopping? If you’re like me and the millions of other people in the world, then you probably buy almost everything there.

Why do your Amazon Shopping with me?

So I know what you’re thinking! Why would you use the links on this page to buy your products when you can go directly through Good question! The answer is very simple. I’ve set myself up as an affiliate through to help advertise their products. Any purchases made through my website are handled directly by them. Don’t worry, It does not cost you any more money than what you would already be spending. I’m paid for your Amazon shopping directly by Amazon. I receive a very small commission payment for each purchase. (typically between 1-5%)

Please feel to add comments or send me an email with any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing my site to do all of your Amazon shopping. It will really help build this website into something special!